what would u do?

What Would You do if...
I cried: i will ask u why
I said I liked you: i will ask u why
I kissed you:i will ask u why
I was hospitalized:i will ask u why
I ran away from home:i will ask u why
We got in a fight:i will ask u why
I got dumped:i will ask u why
I pissed you off:i will ask u why

What Do You Think Of My...
Personality: good
Choice of music:good

Would You...
Be my friend: i would
Tell me the truth no matter what: i would
Buy me a birthday gift: i would
Lie to make me feel better: i would
Spread rumors about me: nope
Go out at 4am to get me chocolate: i would
Keep a secret if I told you one: i would
Loan me some cash: i would
Hold my hand: i would
Keep in touch: i would
Make me a snack: i would
Try and solve my problems: i would
Love me: hmm..
Makeout with me: hmm..
Hold me in times of need: i would
Ditch me: x paham soalan
Use me: nope
ask me out: i would
Date me: i would
kiss with me whenever you had the chance: hmm..
Hold me and make my problems go away: i would

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